Welcome to a world of SENSORIAL STORYTELLING.

Welcome to oNotes.




oNotes are short, personal bursts of scent that you can choose and enjoy wherever you are.  They travel with you in your pocket or on your wrist, show up next to your chair as you read a book, or listen to a song. They can help you hold on to memories, and if you play sports, give you a boost.  You can wear oNotes like a little source of perfume, other times they give sensorial meaning to pictures, films, and Virtual reality experiences.  They do not invade places with big aroma clouds and you can turn them on and off like you do a light bulb.



HOw it works

oNotes are created from little objects we call oChips. oChips can be the size of a penny, or as big as the end of your thumb. These tiny chips contain one or more amazing aromas, like jasmine, or sea scent. You put them in places where you can smell them when you want (and not when you don't). When you're done with an oChip, you either toss it away (some are completely compostable) or (if they're not) send them back to us and we will recycle them to be used again.


OUR Launch

In April we will reveal our first oNote products. With special events and exhibitions in Boston and New York City. Because scent communication is new, and so much bigger than we imagined when we started last summer, we are going to limit our sales in the first months to partners and developers. Besides receiving our products, these folks will also receive developer tools (including an early version of our forthcoming app, oNotes) to make new oNotes and oMedia, so that oNotes become that much more fun for everyone.